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Verifying 3D Printers through Impact Testing

At ARL, we’ve written at length about the importance of testing your 3D printed products, usually from an end-use perspective. In this case, however, we’re focusing on how 3D print testing can be used to validate and verify additive manufacturing equipment.  



SabeRex, Austin Reliability Lab’s sister company, wanted to evaluate a 3D printer they were considering purchasing. 




Austin Reliability Labs and its other sister company TekRex co-conducted ASTM testing on the 3D printer in question. It was determined that ARL and TekRex would validate the printer’s effectiveness by testing samples printed in a variety of materials on the printer via Gardner impact and tensile testing.   

To give the 3D printer a reference to compare against, SabeRex printed comparable specimen samples in various materials from their flagship Carbon M2 printer.  



The tensile testing showed relatively non-interesting results while the impact testing showed very interesting results.   

Ultimately, it was determined that the new printer in question did not meet the material requirements and the purchase was not completed. 

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