Batteries are rated by their capacity in amp-hours (a 1Ah battery should deliver one amp for one hour at 100% capacity). If your battery only delivers 1 amp for 30 minutes, then its capacity has depleted to 50%. Simple, right? Not quite. When batteries are discharging, an interesting thing happens. Battery capacity life decays gradually over usage – and then suddenly drops, dramatically, near 70-80% of the full specified capacity (this can vary with chemistry and application). That level is also used to define the warranty threshold. And the amount of capacity loss is most affected by the depth of discharge, the temperature and the charging method. Rule of thumb: portable batteries generally deliver between 300 and 500 full discharge / charge cycles before death.

The entire world seems to be going portable, and virtually every product review mentions battery life. Why not get ahead of the curve? Our accelerated Battery Testing, which consists of repeated charge / discharge cycles under controlled conditions, identifies capacity loss as well as other possible weaknesses in the battery cell / pack, and allows you to bring your battery technologies to market quickly and cost-effectively while having confidence in knowing exactly how your power source will perform. Multiple samples are tested in several different environments in order to provide confidence in charge times, capacity and stability. As a result, please note the following:

  • Our testing programs determine whether a cell or battery is fit for the purpose for which it was intended before it is approved for use in the product.
  • Our knowledgeable staff will work directly with you to determine the best testing approach for your battery products.
  • Battery manufacturers are aware of performance loss over time, but there is a disconnect when educating users about the fading effect. We can provide a measurement of the true life of your battery – while a dropped phone call due to a weak battery may only inconvenience the user, an unexpected power loss on a medical, military or emergency device can be more devastating.



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