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HALT is performed to uncover design and/or process weaknesses that would escape conventional qualification methods. A HASS manufacturing screen ensures that the products coming off the assembly line continue to meet the same high engineering standards.

Battery Testing

Bring your battery technologies to market quickly and cost-effectively while having confidence in knowing exactly how your power source will perform by using charge / discharge cycles under controlled conditions and identify capacity loss as well as other possible weaknesses.

Environmental Testing

ARL performs a wide range of environmental testing – from temperature and altitude testing to ingress protection and salt spray testing – to verify that your part or product can withstand the harsh environmental conditions it may encounter.

Mechanical Testing

Shock and vibration, drop testing, hardness testing, tensile testing and mechanical fatigue testing can determine product performance and life expectancy of the mechanical aspects of your product.

Custom Testing

The custom testing our lab can provide will quantify performance, warranty, wear-out, maintenance and other valuable information. Custom test development including both hardware and software, creation of testing procedures, reduction in overall testing time, and results reporting.

Additive Manufacturing Testing

Additive manufacturing testing is key to provide the knowledge of how materials work and how designs can be improved for more reliable products. ARL’s Additive Manufacturing Tests include mechanical, environmental, ingress and accelerated life testing including specialized equipment like hardness / tensile testers and a Hexagon Romer 3D Scanner.


Recognized as one of the top product reliability labs in the country with a unique balance of testingconsulting and on-site staffing services, Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) is a place where we recognize the hard work and passion that goes into the design and development of your product and want to find any problems in an effort to perfect it. We also understand a reputation is something that builds over time, so we focus on establishing long-term partnerships with each of our clients. With that in mind, we can test to widely-accepted customer-provided standards or help customers find the right standard for their product’s requirements. Unlike many other reliability labs, we can also provide pass / fail reports on all of our tests and decipher the results for you in order to maximize your product’s success. We believe quality is infused by finding every flaw in a product and methodically removing each one until the product shines. As a result, only a thorough, comprehensive reliability test program, as provided by ARL, will allow a product to emerge that will earn or maintain an unsullied and clean brand reputation.

Backed by test methods accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 standards, our lab provides the reliability tests your product needs and develops test strategies at the right price. Additionally, our lab is home to a wide array of equipment to accommodate a multitude of testing requirements for your product, including numerous test chambers (covering HALT/HASS, thermal, humidity, altitude, dust, salt spray, and solar testing), two electrodynamic shakers, a hydraulic shaker, two shock towers, a drop tester, battery life cycle testers and a tensile tower system. Of note, our test chambers are available for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling or accelerated stress testing in a variety of sizes to accommodate your products. All chambers also feature NIST traceable calibrations and our thermal experts are ready to assist in thermocoupling and real-time temperature monitoring of your products.

Our team can also help evaluate your qualification and reliability test plan to make sure the tests you’re running are the best for your unique product and its uses. From HALT and HASS to Battery Life, Qualification, Environmental, Mechanical, Additive Manufacturing and Custom testing, ARL can deliver whatever reliability test services you require. Our goal, whether your test standards are global, client-required or self-defined, is to be your trusted partner in ensuring that your product will perform reliably throughout its targeted life.




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