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Recognized as one of the top product reliability labs in the country with a unique balance of testingconsulting and on-site staffing services, Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) is a place where we recognize the hard work and passion that goes into the design and development of your product and want to find any problems in an effort to perfect it. We also understand a reputation is something that builds over time, so we focus on establishing long-term partnerships with each of our clients. With that in mind, we not only specialize in writing and developing all of the tests that we perform, but, unlike other labs, we provide pass / fail reports on all of our tests and decipher the results for you in order to maximize your product’s success. We believe quality is infused by finding every flaw in a product and methodically removing each one until the product shines. As a result, only a thorough, comprehensive reliability test program, as provided by ARL, will allow a product to emerge that will earn or maintain an unsullied and clean brand reputation.

Product Reliability


HALT is performed to uncover design and/or process weaknesses that would escape conventional qualification methods.

Battery Testing

Batteries are rated by their capacity in amp-hours (a 1Ah battery should deliver one amp for one hour at 100% capacity)

Environmental Testing

ARL performs a wide range of environmental testing (also known as climatic testing) to verify that your part or product

Mechanical Testing

Mechanics have been around since the first hominid started using stone tools.

Custom Testing

The Custom Testing our lab can provide will quantify performance, warranty, wear-out, maintenance and other valuable information.

Additive Manufacturing Testing

ARL’s Additive Manufacturing Tests include General Reliability, Deflection, HALT/HASS, Shock & Vibe, Salt Fog.

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Austin Reliability Labs is committed to quality. We have a passion for product testing and care for every product that enters our lab. Our state-of-the-art testing facility features some of the highest-rated equipment operated by recognized expertise in product reliability.

As a member of the TyRex Technology Family, we are equipped to extend our wide range of testing capabilities to our family partners and their clients to ensure reliable product functionality.

ARL is proud of our accreditations including A2LA, Qualmark and ASQ CRE certifications, an organizational membership with ASTM International as well as credentials from IEEE and military standards committees.

ARL A2LA Accredation