Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) is a place where we recognize the hard work and passion that goes into the design and development of your product and want to find any problems in an effort to perfect it. ARL’s Testing Services are performed by knowledgeable technical staff who will provide you with quick, reliable and cost-effective consultation, execution and reporting. Our facilities allow us to perform a wide range of standard testing that meets established benchmarks in a variety of industries. We also recognize that the test doesn’t end when the data is gathered. A thorough and professional test report will quickly follow the test activity in order to document the work performed. This report will chart the data collected, include full test details, provide an in-depth analysis to simplify data interpretation, and list any defects that were found.

We believe quality is infused by finding every flaw in a product and methodically removing each one until the product shines. As a result, only a thorough, comprehensive reliability test program, as provided by ARL, will allow a product to emerge that will earn or maintain an unsullied and clean brand reputation.

We listen to the needs of our clients and draw upon our test experience to design solutions that address client concerns within budget constraints. We not only devise test solutions that do everything from simulating the lifetime of a product to targeting specific problem areas, but we will work with your unique product to adopt standard tests to the needs and concerns you bring us. Additionally, if you are experiencing a field failure, but aren’t sure how to address it in a controlled environment, we can advise you on the proper methods to expose the problem. After the problem is fixed, we will perform another test to verify it is corrected. And when there isn’t an industry standard, we will apply accepted reliability principles to properly exercise a product and alleviate management concerns about warranty costs. High product reliability will bring down initial field incident returns (IFIR) and reduce the time your engineers spend fixing product flaws. The following are the tests that we perform in our accredited lab:

Our goal, whether your test standards are global, client-required or self-defined, is to be your trusted partner in ensuring that your product will perform reliably throughout its targeted life. See how ARL can help you with your reliability testing, consulting and on-site staffing needs.


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