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Rockwell Hardness Tester and Gauge

Between a Rockwell and a Hard Place: The State of Hardness Testing

Given that the Rockwell hardness tester recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, we checked in with our team to chat about both the present and future of hardness testing. … [...] Read more
Kiosk Testing Header Image

Kiosk Reliability Testing: What to Know

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated many changes throughout the world and manufacturing is no exception. Just a decade ago, self-service kiosks were a rare sight, but they’ve steadily made their way into more and more of our everyday landscape from … [...] Read more

Ask the Expert: Shock and Vibration Testing

We recently spoke with our Reliability Lab Manager, Tom Sneath, who gave us an in depth look into shock and vibration testing: what it is, why use it, and when to use it.   What is Shock and Vibration Testing?  Vibration … [...] Read more

Equipment Spotlight: Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Testing is a fundamental part of mechanical testing in which a sample is subjected to an applied force until failure. The most common use of a tensile test is to determine the young modulus, or modulus of elasticity, of … [...] Read more

Can your product survive delivery? Save your products with package testing.

ARL’s package testing ensures your product arrives the way it shipped. Mechanics have been around since the first hominid started using stone tools. It is a complex, detail-oriented science, and it takes knowledgeable, detail-oriented people to properly test. At ARL … [...] Read more

Raising the Standards: Flex and Tensile Testing

To better support the industry, ARL has launched the first in a series of tests as part of our “Raising the Standards” initiative. Our hope is to harness the unique solutions additive manufacturing promises and raise the expectation of … [...] Read more
Vibration Testing Ask the Expert

Electrodynamic vs Hydraulic Shakers: Which is best for your product?

Vibration testing is useful in designing high-quality, cost-effective products and shipping containers by accurately measuring sensitivity to sine or random vibrations. This testing is beneficial during product design, regulatory qualification, and production, helping to determine what degree items [...] Read more