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TMI - Keyboard Tester

Tests Made Interesting: Keyboard Tester

Every test plan should reflect their product’s uniqueness. Austin Reliability Labs understands that different products require different types of reliability testing which is why our testing experts work closely with our clients to create a test plan that best serves … [...] Read more
Rockwell Hardness Tester and Gauge

Between a Rockwell and a Hard Place: The State of Hardness Testing

Given that the Rockwell hardness tester recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, we checked in with our team to chat about both the present and future of hardness testing. … [...] Read more
Kiosk Testing Header Image

Kiosk Reliability Testing: What to Know

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated many changes throughout the world and manufacturing is no exception. Just a decade ago, self-service kiosks were a rare sight, but they’ve steadily made their way into more and more of our everyday landscape from … [...] Read more
Dust Ingress Article Header

Dust Ingress Testing: What to Know

If you have ever wondered about the difference between the terms “dust-proof” and “dust-resistant” then you have wondered about ingress protection, an aspect of reliability testing defined by the IP Code. To help us understand these terms and the … [...] Read more

Testing Spotlight: Fluids Testing

The use cases that require fluids testing can be as fluid as the test subjects themselves. To help us unpack where this specific part of the testing industry is heading, we chatted with our Reliability Lab Manager, Tom Sneath. … [...] Read more
Custom Vibration Test

Custom Vibration Test

Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) recently designed a custom vibration test, combining our expertise in mechanical, environmental and additive manufacturing testing to help a client during the product development process. ARL devised this test for a 3D printed auto … [...] Read more
Deployment Trajectory Test

Deployment Trajectory Test

ARL designed a customized deployment trajectory test using a high-speed video camera for a client’s satellite separation system. Read more below! At Austin Reliability Labs (ARL), we are proud to have the facilities, equipment and knowledge that allow us to … [...] Read more
Customized Pressure Test

Automated Valve Pressure Test System

Austin Reliability Labs can provide step by step custom testing solutions for your products by getting them through the design stage to the execution of the test. The custom testing our lab can provide will quantify performance, warranty, wear-out, maintenance … [...] Read more
Innovation Spotlight

Innovation Spotlight

We take an in-depth look at a specific part of the TyRex family  in this innovation spotlight. This time we spotlight a “button pusher” and a “chamber extender”, two innovations being used at Austin Reliability Labs.   What does the … [...] Read more