Tensile Testing Sherpa Shorts

Sherpa Shorts: Tensile Testing

Sherpa Shorts is our new video series featuring Martin Johnson, Executive Vice President of TyRex and additive manufacturing expert. The series is called Sherpa Shorts because like a Sherpa who leads someone up a mountain, our job is to help lead you up your own 3D printing mountain. We will focus on 10 areas that we have found to be critical to success if you’re interested in additive manufacturing, including materials, machines, production choices, design, engineering, and safety.

Why should TyRex be your Sherpa guide? We have experience with over 15 types of 3D printers, including fused filament fabrication, stereolithography, digital light processing, as well as digital light synthesis (such as the Carbon M2). And since each printer is unique in its characteristics, how you design for printing on that particular printer, and what you would use those prints for, our expertise will help you find success on your additive manufacturing journey.

Check out our first Sherpa Shorts videos below!

Tensile Testing is a fundamental materials science test in which a sample is subjected to a controlled tension until failure. Why is tensile testing important? Tensile testing your material ensures quality control and is vital to product integrity, especially during the additive manufacturing process.

Many different factors contribute to the material characteristics of your part or product and are important to consider during manufacturing. For example, PLA filament from two different companies can have different specifications for tensile strength due to factors such as formula and process differences. Print orientation also can change tensile strength, and could have an impact on product integrity.

For additional information on how ARL can help with all your additive manufacturing needs, please feel free to contact our team for testing, our sister company SabeRex for production, or TekRex for design and development.

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