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Hardness Testing

Equipment Spotlight: Rockwell Hardness Tester

Hardness is a material’s resistance to indentation. The Rockwell hardness test method measures the permanent depth of an indentation created by a load applied to a material. Different indenters, such as diamond and ball indenters, can be used during this process depending on the test material. The process of hardness testing using the Rockwell method begins with the

Tensile Testing Sherpa Shorts

Sherpa Shorts: Tensile Testing

Sherpa Shorts is our new video series featuring Martin Johnson, Executive Vice President of TyRex and additive manufacturing expert. The series is called Sherpa Shorts because like a Sherpa who leads someone up a mountain, our job is to help lead you up your own 3D printing mountain. We will focus on 10 areas that

Additive Manufacturing Testing Q&A Pt 2

Additive Manufacturing Testing Q&A – Part 2

In part two of our Additive Manufacturing Testing Q&A, Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) Reliability Engineer Ben Jones answers additional questions on additive manufacturing and the process of testing 3D printed items.   Q: What material characteristics of 3D printed parts are important to determine before production? Ben: “The same material characteristics that are important to

Tensile Testing Ask the Expert

Tensile Testing 3D Printed Products

As additive manufacturing continues to change the manufacturing process with rapid design iterations and cost effective high volume mass-production, the same material characteristics that are important to consider during the design process remain vital to identify for 3D printed parts. Ultimate tensile strength is a test frequently used to aid in selecting a material for

Additive Manufacturing Testing Q&A

Additive Manufacturing Testing Q&A

Additive manufacturing is an adaptable and cost effective way to produce a variety of parts, from one-off specialty prints to mass production projects. This manufacturing process allows for a new level of mass customization without the time delays and costs required for injection molding. However, it is vital for the process of additive manufacturing to

Deployment Trajectory Test

Deployment Trajectory Test

ARL designed a customized deployment trajectory test using a high-speed video camera for a client’s satellite separation system. Read more below! At Austin Reliability Labs (ARL), we are proud to have the facilities, equipment and knowledge that allow us to perform a wide range of reliability testing to meet established benchmarks in a variety of

TyRex Founders Day 2018

TyRex Founders Day 2018

At the first of every business year, the entire TyRex Technology Family celebrates its birthday, this year with the Founders Day 2018 Celebration. Special guests, family members and every TyRex employee gathered yet again in 2018 to honor employees, catch up on all the exciting programs the TyRex companies have continued to develop, and to

Neibauer Austin Science Fest Project

ARL Lends Hand to Local Student

Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) recently had the opportunity to work with a local high school student on a science project for the Austin Regional Science Festival. Michael Neibauer, a ninth-grader, reached out to ARL looking for the expertise and testing equipment that could take his research project for Austin Science Fest on bone material substitutes

Westwood High School Solar Panels

Westwood High School Solar Panel Testing

After attending a job shadow at the TyRex Group, Altan, a student at Westwood High School, reached out to Austin Reliability Labs with a project that needed some assistance. Altan was tasked by Westwood’s Academy Specialist Lucy Sanchez and Vice Principal Sal Espinosa to look into a pair of solar panels that are built on school

Customized Pressure Test

Automated Valve Pressure Test System

Austin Reliability Labs can provide step by step custom testing solutions for your products by getting them through the design stage to the execution of the test. The custom testing our lab can provide will quantify performance, warranty, wear-out, maintenance and other valuable information for decision makers. Our technical staff understands testing and realizes that our clients need state-of-the-art test