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HALT/HASS Testing Spotlight Graphic

HALT/HASS Testing Spotlight

Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) performs a wide range of testing services that meet established benchmarks in a variety of industries. For these companies, we utilize our decades of experience to provide customized testing solutions that pair products with the right … [...] Read more

Our A2LA Accreditations and Why They Matter

Every test at ARL revolves around quality and reliable, accurate results. From our specialized testing equipment to our methods of testing, ARL strives to ensure these principles. The culmination of our focus on quality and the methods we use to … [...] Read more

TyRex Technology Family Best of 2021

2021 had its highs and lows, but the TyRex Technology Family ultimately proved that it is a company that is Built to Last as we persevered and thrived throughout the year. We had a lot of great moments in 2021, … [...] Read more
3D Printer Impact Testing

Verifying 3D Printers through Impact Testing

At ARL, we’ve written at length about the importance of testing your 3D printed products, usually from an end-use perspective. In this case, however, we’re focusing on how 3D print testing can be used to validate and verify … [...] Read more
Failure Analysis Header Graphic

The Methods and Nuance of Failure Analysis

The world of reliability testing is full of terms that are both self-explanatory and yet also nuanced. Failure analysis is at the top of that list – as the name suggests, this family of tests involves bringing a product to … [...] Read more
TMI - Keyboard Tester

Tests Made Interesting: Keyboard Tester

Every test plan should reflect their product’s uniqueness. Austin Reliability Labs understands that different products require different types of reliability testing which is why our testing experts work closely with our clients to create a test plan that best serves … [...] Read more
ARL: Don't Drop the Ball, Do a Drop Test Header Image

Don’t Drop the Ball, Do a Drop Test

We’ve all been there before, excited to receive a package only to find it completely smashed in transit and the product broken before we even got a chance to use it. Odds are the manufacturer did not do their fair … [...] Read more
Rockwell Hardness Tester and Gauge

Between a Rockwell and a Hard Place: The State of Hardness Testing

Given that the Rockwell hardness tester recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, we checked in with our team to chat about both the present and future of hardness testing. … [...] Read more
Kiosk Testing Header Image

Kiosk Reliability Testing: What to Know

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated many changes throughout the world and manufacturing is no exception. Just a decade ago, self-service kiosks were a rare sight, but they’ve steadily made their way into more and more of our everyday landscape from … [...] Read more
Dust Ingress Article Header

Dust Ingress Testing: What to Know

If you have ever wondered about the difference between the terms “dust-proof” and “dust-resistant” then you have wondered about ingress protection, an aspect of reliability testing defined by the IP Code. To help us understand these terms and the … [...] Read more