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ARL’s Dinosaur Mascot – the Andrewsarchus

Austin Reliability Labs is one arm of the TyRex Technology Family – the group of companies collectively provide any manufacturer the services they need to go from prototype to full production, including reliability testing. Along with shared company values, a forward-thinking vision binds the TyRex companies together and the “evolution” of manufacturing and product development is rooted in a dinosaur-themed brand. So far, ARL has been an outlier – a TyRex company without a dinosaur mascot.

That changes in 2020.

ARL has selected the prehistoric predator Andrewsarchus as its dinosaur mascot. The Andrewsarchus name is dedicated to explorer and naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews who led the 1923 expedition in Mongolia where the only known skull was discovered. The skull, around 3 feet in length, provides us with all that we know about the Andrewsarchus, and it’s believed to be the largest predatory mammal in history. Given our own co-founder Andrew Cooper’s endless energy toward our lab services, his leadership and his namesake will now be forever etched into the history of Austin Reliability Labs!

At ARL we pride ourselves on unraveling the mysteries of products through scientific testing, so the qualities of discovery and tantalizing potential sound like a perfect match! We’re even considering a logo change, but stay tuned for further developments on that front.

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